Laser Treatment of Spider Veins of Face

Since 1992 Dr. Chu has been treating facial spider veins and port wine stain birthmarks with three nonablative target specific lasers.  These lasers work by the photodynamic principle.  These lasers emit one wavelength of light which is preferentially absorbed by hemoglobin in the red blood cells of the veins.  When this occurs the hemoglobin absorbs the energy of the laser causing the hemoglobin protein to clump, occluding the vein.  Due to the excellent blood supply of the face, the remnants are dissolved and carried away by the body in 7-10 days.  Each treatment usually clears 60-65% of visible veins.  One to three treatments is usually required depending on the number and density of the spider veins.

What will be the appearance of my face following treatment?

The treated areas of skin will have the appearance of a mild sunburn for 7-10 days following treatment with these lasers.  The redness can be camouflaged by cosmetics the day after treatment.  

How can I minimize swelling and redness following treatment?

Cool compresses the night after treatment and taking NSAID's(ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, aspirin) will reduce swelling and redness following treatment.


Before After
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