Cyno SculpSure Event hero 2Many people has problem areas of superficial fat which are resistant to diet & exercise. Dr Thomas Chu has been performing tumescent liposuction on areas of unwanted fat from the chin to the ankles since 1990.  A revolutionary new laser body contouring treatment is now available which treats these areas with no downtime.  SculpSure is a treatment that uses one specific wavelength of light energy to target unwanted fat in the superficial and deep layers of fat without disturbing the overlying skin or underlying muscle.    

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How does SculpSure work?

Dr Chu has been using selective  lasers since 1994.  Currently he employs nine different lasers each of which emits one specific wavelength of light energy.  Each laser and its corresponding wavelength target a specific substance in the skin or soft tissue.  Some of these targets include hemoglobin in spider veins & port wine stain birthmarks, melanin pigment in hair bulbs & age spots and different colors of ink in tattoos.

Fat cells have a specific affinity for the wavelength emitted by the SculpSure laser.  When exposed to the wavelength from the SculpSure laser, fat cells absorb the energy of the laser and undergo "apoptosis" or rupture of the fat cells.  The disintegrated fat cells are cleared by the body's scavenger system & flushed from the body over the span of weeks after treatment.  

How do I know if I would benefit from SculpSure?

The ideal patient for SclpSure is one who is in good mental & physical health who has areas of excess superficial fat which is resistant to diet and exercise.  The superficial fat layer lies between the skin & muscle and can be "pinched".  If no fat can be pinched the fat is below the muscle(visceral fat) and only is reduced by dieting.

Is the treatment painful?

No.  Most patients describe the sensation as uncomfortable.  Sculpsure works by delivering the laser energy through applicator pads attached to the skin in the region to be treated.  The delivery of the laser corresponds to the sensation of heat deep in the soft tissue.  This phase alternates with cooling for several cycles during the 25 minute treatment.  A member of Dr Chu's staff will be present at all times during the treatment and will adjust the energy level as necessary to make the experience as comfortable as possible but with the best results.

How much fat will be dissolved with each treatment and will it recur?

Studies have demonstrated that up to 24% of fat in the treated areas is dissolved.  As in fat removed by liposuction the fat cells that are destroyed does not regenerate.  However, if the patient experiences substantial weight gain the contour improvement seen by the SculpSure treatments will be negated.

How does SculpSure compare to CoolSculpting?

Sculpsure can treat the lower abdomen in less than 1/6 the time required by CoolSculpting.  It is less painful than CoolSculpting during treatments and does not require post treatment massage.  Most importantly, SculpSure has not been shown to cause the neuralgia(nerve pain) seen in some patients after treatment with CoolSculpting.

After 25 years of experience in liposuction surgery, Dr Chu now offers a noninvasive treatment or remove unwanted areas of fat with truly no downtime.  As in patients seeking liposuction, it is important to realize that SculpSure is a contouring  procedure and not a weight loss treatment.  During a consultation with Dr Chu a complete examination will be performed to insure that the patient will benefit from SculpSure.  A thorough discussion with the patient will insure that expectations match likely results.

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