KYBELLA (noninvasive treatment of excess fat of chin/neck)

Many healthy people are bothered by hereditary submental fullness or undesirable fat under the chin lwhich is resistant to diet and exercise.)    Dr Chu has been performing liposuction for 25 years to improve the definition of the chin/neck region(see Tumescent Liposuction section).  A new treatment has emerged that improves the problem with no downtime.  Kybella is a solution of deoxycholic acid( a bile acid), which dissolves fat when injected in the area beneath the chin.  Treatments take under 20 minutes after a topical anesthesia.  A minimum of 3 treatments is usually necessary commonly spaced 6 weeks apart.


What should I expect after treatment?

Immediately after injection the patient will experience burning in the treated area for approximately 1 hr.  Pre-treatment topical anesthesia and ibuprofen as well as post-treatment Ice compresses help to decrease the burning and subsequent swelling.  Swelling persists for 4-7 days.  Mild bruising may occur as a result of the injections.  Tender nodules may appear after treatment which gradually resolve with heat compresses and gentle massage. Mild redness is not uncommon but is easily camouflaged by cosmetics.

How do I know if i will benefit from this treatment?

The ideal candidate is a patient who is in good health who despite healthy eating habits & exercise have persistent fat beneath their chin which blunts the cervico-mental angle(CMA), the transition zone between the chin and neck.  This angle is sharp in children but excess fat due to aging, weight gain and heredity, makes the patient look older or heavier than they are or they feel.  It is an alternative treatment to liposuction in patients that do not want the healing phase and downtime associated with liposuction surgery.

How do i decide between liposuction & Kybella?

Liposuction is the better treatment in those patients who have heavy jowls which obscure the straight well-defined jawline of youth.  Generally liposuction requires only one treatment but requires wearing a compression garment for at least one week following surgery.  Kybella is not indicated for treatment of the jawline as it has been known to cause temporary nerve damage in this area.  Kybella is the better choice if a patient wants little to no downtime and doesn't mind having several treatments before the desired result is achieved.  During your consultation with Dr Chu, a complete examination of your area of concern and a thorough discussion of the alternatives will help you decide which treatment is best for you.

introducing kybella treat submental fat

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